General objectives

• To improve and professionalise the skills of the Cluster 3 (CL3) Civil Security for Society National Contact Points (NCP) services across Europe

• Simplifying applicants’ access to Horizon Europe (HE) calls

• Raising the average quality of submitted proposals

• Providing to NCP community knowledge, skills and competences

Specific objectives

Enhancing Cluster 3 NCPs’ knowledge and capacities, improving the general standard of support to applicants

Raising participation of applicants assessing their needs and improving the quality of proposals submitted in Cluster

Strengthening and maintaining paths of collaborations with the other Horizon Europe NCPs Networks and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and relevant actors in the field of security R&I, including practitioners

Lowering the entry barriers for newcomers and participants, with a focus on the applicants from widening countries

Evaluating the impact of security R&I funded projects, highlight the participation of national players in EU funded security research projects

What can SEREN5 do for (provide) you?

SeReMa partner search tool
Database with the objective of increasing the visibility of security related research in Europe and optimizing the networking between security stakeholders.

Brokerage events
Organized with the objective of gathering potential applicants interested in designing projects and building consortia for the open calls, enhancing international cooperation in CL3. There will be also pitch presentations session, from stakeholders wishing to present their project ideas to find partners or to join consortia.

European Information Days
There will be at least one info day per year organized in close cooperation with the European Commission and the Research Executive Agency. This will provide training and dedicated services for stakeholders.

Training stakeholders
The purpose is to raise the standard of learning to security stakeholders through a proactive consultation process. Training will be divided into two specific themes, the first being the ‘knowledge’ theme, and the second being the ‘information’ theme.

Promoting synergies with Security key players
The essential synergies between industry, research organizations, universities and other vital players in the Civil Security area will lead the project to further cooperate with key players in the field of security such as CERIS, EARTO, EOS, ECSO, etc.. The main aspects of collaboration will revolve around communication of the ecosystem needs, trends and ideas, information exchange, participation and co-organization of events of mutual interest (SMI2G event).

Promoting synergies with Enterprise Europe Network
he aim is to use synergies and relationships, between Cluster 3 NCPs and EEN, to provide improved support to Cluster 3 applicants and beneficiaries, to produce better proposals and find partners by giving them access to diverse opportunities and resources.

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