The Research Council of Lithuania (RCL)

The Research Council of Lithuania (RCL) is a science and studies policy implementing institution, which performs an expert and advisory function to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania and the Government in matters of studies and experimental development.

RCL’s mission – is to actively participate in the formulation of research, experimental development, and innovation policy and to strive to make Lithuania’s system of research, experimental development, and innovation effective and in line with the expectations of Lithuanian society and global challenges, by applying organizational and financial instruments for competitive funding of scientific research.
RCL oversees research and knowledge exchange functions for universities, institutes, and business companies.
This includes providing block grant funding to the national research and education institutions (mainly universities and research institutes); for research and development; developing and implementing national funding streams; supporting and encouraging academic participation in EU Framework Programmes; overseeing the sustainability of the Higher Education research base in Lithuania; and promoting international collaborations.

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